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Many wireless workers at T-Mobile Premium Retailers and contractors do not have the same emergency benefits for COVID-19 as workers at corporate locations, and are being forced to make excruciating

As this pandemic escalates across America, Wireless workers are sending in reports from every corner of the country of store and call center closures, call centers with workers who have developed C

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We are calling on T-Mobile to step up and do what must be done to protect their employees and their customers.

Workers at the Pinole, CA T-Mobile store voted to form a union. Now they go to the bargaining table with a list of changes. What would you demand in the first contract at your T-Mobile store?

This merger is terrible for workers, and now we see the layoffs beginning. Sign our petition: tell T-Mobile to uphold its promise for no layoffs!

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We have received dozens of reports of wireless workers taking action to protect themselves at work. Workers have demanded gloves and won. Workers have insisted that a sick manager leave the store, and won. Workers have demanded bargaining with their employer over health and safety concerns. More and more wireless workers are joining together to fight back and stay safe.

Like these workers there are two steps you can take to protect yourself, your co-workers and ultimately your whole community:

T-Mobile Workers Demand:

  • Quota Relief and Paid Sick Days without Penalty During Coronavirus Crisis

  • Safe Workplace, with necessary disinfectants, wipes and gloves.

The T-Mobile-Sprint $26 billion merger is expected to be finalized on April 1, and our fears are already coming true.

Sprint claimed in its SEC filings that 3,500 jobs will be created in the first year after the merger, but T-Mobile CEO John Legere has long admitted that "there'll be a rationalization of jobs in the first year,” which means we can expect thousands of workers to be laid off.

The FCC chairman recently recommended approval of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. But this isn’t the end of it by any stretch. This approval has zero job guarantees, and it comes in the middle of the ongoing attorneys general lawsuit.

The chairman’s approval is premature, especially considering that Oregon and Texas just joined the 14 other states that are part of the attorneys general lawsuit. This lawsuit goes to trial on Dec 9, 2019.

We continue to oppose this merger. It will likely eliminate 30,000 jobs, reduce wireless competition, and raise rates for customers.